Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I didn't want to. But "I do."

I like the Lisa Loeb reality show on E!. I tried not to watch. I really did. But there was nothing else on tv Sunday afternoon. So I was sucked into it. And now I like it.

Haha, get it? "I do" is one of Lisa Loeb's "hits." But it wasn't a #1 single, which is why you don't know it. And if you do remember it, you don't have to admit it.

Lisa is just kind of cool. Sure, she was pretty much a one hit wonder. But she's nice and normal and not really all that annoying. Sure, she has a little bit too much self-esteem at times (ie prancing around the Isaac Mizrahi set in a thong...no 36 year old should be doing that). And, she's bit obsessed with the Hello Kitty thing (again, no 36 year old should be obsessed with a cutesy Asian cartoon cat).

In every other sense, though, she's pretty normal (or seemingly so). She's just a girl looking innocently for love. She's been burned a couple of times (by not so attractive or famous men), but she's not so burned that she's overly cynical. Now, while she likes to shop with the best of them, she is a clear contradiction to most other reality television female "stars" (especially those who are on her home television channel) in that she reads books (Hello, Girls Next Door (minus the one getting her Masters, I know)). She likes to eat (Alert, Dr. Rey: your wife is severely anorexic.). She's smart (hello, to the Amazing Vapid Duo of Britney and Lisa Gastineau). She hates being gossip fodder and stays out of the limelight (paging Ms. Hilton. Ms. Paris Hilton.).

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Jenni said...

i know, i got sucked in and i kinda love her now. i forgot about that other song though, all i could remember was "you say..."