Wednesday, April 19, 2006

So Much To Say...

First of all, I'd like to thank the Real Housewives of Orange County for increasing traffic to my site by 4657%.

Ok, last night's show was possibly the best one ever, at least in terms of commentability. Let's get started.

  1. When Shane threw something at the dog's head and his mom was all like, "what if you were annoying me and I threw something at your head?" and he replied, "Dad used to." And she said, "He's brain damaged, what's your excuse."
  2. When Jeana compared taking care of dogs to raising children and how sometimes you just couldn't have complete control.
  3. Note to Lauri: stop saying you didn't hire your son a lawyer and implying he had to take care of his situation on his own...he was appointed a public defender which, last time I checked, was a lawyer.
  4. I will say that the scene where they go pick up Josh is really cute--especially the Sophie parts. But man, Ashley. Have a heart! Your brother's been in "juvenile hall" (pet peeve pet peeve pet peeve).
  5. Brianna is actually a decent kid. Which is why I don't get why Vicki is harping on her so much. And showing up on a date? Not cool.
  6. Please stop talking about MILFs. And, Lauri..."first I was offended, but now I'm flattered." Ew.
  7. The Hula School. Awesome? I can't decide.
  8. Jo: who picked up the dog poop when you were apparently supposed to be taking care of the dogs when you were home?
  9. Slade's actually a cute dad. And I apologize for saying he wasn't married to the mother of Gavin. Sorry, Slade, for making you out to be a ho.
  10. Jo has an unnatural obsession with Louis Vuitton bags. Seriously.
  11. She was smart, though, in letting Slade win the go cart race because, LBH, she would've gotten the bag she wanted, eventually, anyway. But, it's not like he wouldn't have gotten her into a French maid's costume. Ew. Speaking of, good work with the precursor scenes involving his fascination with costumes...and for trying to make the French maid stuff look less skanky. Thoughts on whether he really is obsessed with costumes?
  12. Do you think Colton really punched that kid out because he was smoking "grass" or was there something else? Like maybe the kid said, "Hey, your mom was in Playboy." Or, "Hey, your brother is a [hot] loser."
  13. Speaking of Jeana...the discussions between her and the daughter are a bit much.
  14. Why did Jo undo her bikini top while on the beach with the children? We've all seen Grayson. We know he's going to sneak up behind her and douse her with water. At his dad's provocation, of course.
  15. It's weird that the oldest son thinks Jo is hot. And that she could be "a supermodel. Or any kind of model, if she wanted to."
  16. Scott's Father's Day present was a "reasonably priced" bracelet--under $2000. So many things wrong with that.
  17. Don annoys me, as does Michael. How does Vicki put up with them? She did say Michael drives her crazy. He drives me crazy. I wish they would've shown us how annoyed the people to whom he was delivering the pizza were when he finally showed up with it.

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