Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Some News For Your Tuesday.

Apparently they've picked a new Bachelor. He's not another McDreamy. Even better. He's a prince. Ugh, I can just hear all the stupid princess references now. And, he's a cosmetic "entrepreneur" or something. Great. From E! Online:

HIS ROYAL SINGLENESS: ABC also revealing the identity of the next Bachelor: Prince Lorenzo Borghese, a 33-year-old cosmetics entrepreneur. The 9th edition of the matchmaking series will be filmed in Rome and, judging from the show's track record, will not lead to true love.

OC Spoiler Alert (?): Word on the street (our seemingly trusty morning radio DJs said) that while the OC has been renewed for another season, the contract of our friend Mischa Barton has not...is she the character who dies in this week's season finale? We'll just have to see...however, another source claims that Sandy will have a heart attack that leaves Seth and Kirstin devastated...so who knows.

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Sassafras. said...

so who did die last night??? i forgot to dvr and ended up going out for "some beers"