Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Hills Are Alive...

...with even more annoying people than were in Laguna. If that is at all possible. I wish I had taken notes last night during the premiere episode of what it MTv's latest train wreck (I'm a nerd. Deal.) but I did not. So I'm going to have to go by memory.

  1. If they use that stupid "Unwritten" song for one more thing, I'm going to vom. I say this because it played a big role in Katie Couric's going away party earlier yesterday morning, too. We get it. Their lives are just starting and no one knows what is in store for them. We are not as vapid as they (okay, Katie not included, but LC isn't the brightest).
  2. Heidi. Heidi Heidi Heidi. I already loathe you. You are lazy and annoying and where the heck did you even come from?
  3. The school "interviews." They seemed pretty fake to me. Where did Lauren have a 3.6 gpa? High school? She never went to school! And did she already even get in to fashion school? And, since when does fashion school prepare you for a life in PR? (excuse my ignorance if, in fact, it does). And, if you want to be a PR girl you're on the wrong MTv show, dear. And did anyone else think the Dean (or whoever the heck she was) couldn't deal? Or that that scene was completely and utterly acted out for "effect"?
  4. They were impressed with Lauren's interview at Teen Vogue? Really? Must've been the number of times she was able to fit "like" into the conversation. Where is her experience? Per Blaine, she was everything they are not looking for in an intern.
  5. Speaking of interns, I hate Whitney, too.
  6. But I would love to have someone come into my office every morning and fix up my outfit to make me look cooler.
  7. The West Coast Editor, Lisa, has a serious problem with how her hair is parted. Serious.
  8. I can't believe LC let Whitney let Heidi and her cohorts into the exclusive party. Or that she let them sit in the VIP area. Or that she sat in the VIP area. IT WAS HER ONLY JOB TO GUARD IT. We know she's not going to get fired, but still. Heidi is going to be a thorn in my side, I know it. I am dreading it yet kind of looking forward to it, as well.

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Miss Scarlet said...

You know I'm going to comment on this!

#1 I loathe Katie Couric. I'd rather have LC anchor the news.
#2 She started to appear in like, the last 2 LB episodes, right? She is pretty random though.
#3 These definitely seemed a little set up but they were awesome. "In school? Oh I never went and never did homework, I hated school" haha, that was classic Simple Life material there. I do wish LB had shown more school time or had it mentioned more than the ONE time so the whole thing would seem more "real".
#4 I thought the same thing about her, like, interview but, like, gave her, like, the benefit of the, like, doubt that they, like, cut a lot out, of like, you know.
#5 Whitney reminds me of the sidekick from What I Like About You (the show)
#6 ME TOOOO! I love LC's clothes though
#7 SHouldn't the editor of Teen Vogue be hip? At least a little? And they all seem terrified of her.
#8 I was SO nervous during that whole part (I mean, no I wasn't, I don't care...) But really, I can see feeling peer pressured to let them in but DO NOT LET THEM SIT THERE AND DO NOT SIT WITH THEM!!!!! I did love when LC snapped her fingers at them. Haha!