Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Over The Hills.

Please bear with me as I comment while I watch...

  1. Lauren, do you really think it's a good idea to get a "summer rental" with Jason? Do you really think he wants to not be around people 24/7. Also, I am fascinated by these summer beach houses. Simply fascinated.
  2. Brent is horrible. Such a bad actor.
  3. Hollywood is so effing awesome, isn't it Heidi?!?! OMG, Elodie must be so jealous! And, do you really need to call her? Why can't you just get up from your desk and go talk to her?
  4. Bev. Reg. Wil.
  5. Um, I can solve the ticket problem, LC...get Heidi's and Audrina's. Are you that stupid?
  6. That Cutrone lady is a bitch.
  7. Whitney is secretly evil. And Blaine needs to die.
  8. Does Lisa Love really need to speak French on the phone?
  9. Whitney only speaks in questions.
  10. "Yum, it's like my dream to make it to Paris. It's like insane."
  11. I have an idea for a drinking game...every time they say "like," DRINK!
  12. "Good luck packing," says LC to Whitney. What kind of luck do you need?
  13. Who shares ice cream? Eat your own, dammit. And, where did Heidi get the spoon?
  14. LC, you and Jason are not in a good place. Where is this good place of which you speak?
  15. Do you think Jason really knew how to ask "where" the internship was? Don't you think he would assume it was in LA?
  16. Please shave, Jason. Please.
  17. I swear to God, if she doesn't go I am going to kill her. She's not going to go. She's not going to go. Ugh, commercial. If she actually went, we'd know, right?
  18. "I'd like a guy for like a day then I'd be sick of him."
  19. "In pre school it's how you're going to be for the rest of your life." Once a ho, always a ho.
  20. Oh no! Heidi is Lauren's best friend?! What happened to Lo? What is she going to think??
  21. I find it hard to believe that Lisa Love is traveling to Paris fashion week with only three small bags.
  22. Oh no she didn't!!
  23. Good for effing Whitney. She deserves the internship. She's serious about her future.
  24. Oh Lauren, you're going to have so many regrets. Did you discuss your decision with anyone? You parents? Some smart friends? Anyone??
  25. What a letdown.


Sara said...

La--please stop writing about these terrible people--they're vapid and clueless. Instead, please blog more about Project Runway. Thanks. :-)

Miss Scarlet said...

I am assuming there is more to that horrible decision of LC's that they just didnt show. Like, "If you go to Paris you ALSO have to sacrifice a goat." UGHHH!

As for #19, I thought she said pre-school, HAHA!

t said...

My Tivo cut off right as LC pulled up to the beach house (I was hoping she was picking his fat ass up to take her to the airport) and, I KNEW that you would be able to fill me in. I guess that parking costs aren't an issue when you're LC. Stupid girl. Anyone worth it would have been excited for her even if sad for himself and forced her to go. Jason couldn't even crack a fake smile.

Miss Scarlet said...

I was impressed though that he SAID "Do what you need to do," I expected him to throw a hissy fit.