Thursday, December 22, 2005

Another attempt by MTv to revive a dying career

Ok, I know you all watched the original Making of the Band--you know, the one that first put together O-Town and then followed them for a second season. And you know Ashley, the affable, lovable boy bander with the girl's name was your favorite.

Well, good news for you...he's back! With his own MTv reality show!

Per MTv, "Formerly an O-Town member, Ashley Parker Angel struggles to make it back to the top of the music industry in this heartwarming series about losing it all and second chances."

As usual, I have some comments:

  • He's struggling to make it back to the top? When was he ever at the top?? Quick, someone name an O-Town song...I'm waiting...still waiting...
  • Losing it all implies there was something to lose in the first place. What did Mr. Angel have?

Oh, look at what I just found: "Ashley is struggling both financially and artistically as he begins a solo music career. He is broke, his girlfriend Tiffany is pregnant, and he is sleeping on his future mother-in-law's couch."

*Note to MTv: If he has a future mother-in-law, he has a pregnant fiancee, not a pregnant girlfriend.

Here are some things Ashley needs to learn:

  • Girls named Tiffany are bound to get pregnant. It's a no doubt about it stripper name.
  • Take a lesson in birth control, especially if you're a struggling musician with no place to live and no money to your name.
  • Get a boy name. And a new last name. Ashley Angel sounds like (1) a stripper (2) a pansy.

So, kids...tune in on January 9 at the 10 spot.


Jenni said...

his former song was something about wet dreams, katherine loved it. perhaps his next one should be about condoms. remember, ashley angel: no glove, no love.

lala said...

it's called liquid dreams. and i just rememebered their "hit"--is it all...or NOTHING at all. cb, he used to play it for cool down in kickboxing, remember? i'm about to go buy it from itunes. hahaha.

Sara said...

O-Town was the worst--there was one punk in the band who reminded me of that asshole from Paradise Hotel who hooked up with the psycho arena football cheerleader with acne.