Friday, December 16, 2005

Copying Jenni because she beat me to it

I want to write about guilty pleasures, too. If you knew these things before you met me, you'd never want to be my friend. Seriously. And if you don't know me, I'm sorry you'll never want to hang out with me.

1. Um, YUM.
2. Not just because he could've been Talan's father-in-law.
3. Dawson's Creek, Felicity, One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls and any other teen drama from the good people at the WB.
4. How can you not love the first drink that made you "drunk."
5. I am obsessed with Chick Lit.
6. I am obsessed with Plug-Ins. I really get a high (from the fumes?) every day when I walk into my house and it a girl lives there.
7. Haha, on opposite day.
8. Reading blogs of people I don't know.
9. Fantasy Fashion League. Need to use my knowledge in a productive way at some point.

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