Sunday, December 18, 2005

Kevin Arnold is back! And old! And not cute!

First it was Doogie Howser (How I Met Your Mother). Then Brian Austin Green reappeared (Freddie!). You didn't think it could get better than that. But now, it seems like it can!

ABC. 9:30. January 12, 2006. Be there as Fred Savage makes his primtetime comeback. The show is called "Crumbs." It also stars William Devane (of our favorite short lived sitcom Phenom which also starred perennial sitcom faves Chrissy from Growing Pains and Angela Bower) and Jane Curtin (what was with that relationship?(and who I often confuse with her)). It will probably fail, but you know we'll all tune in to give it a try.


Jenni said...

Um, I just read the synopsis behind this story. Kind of not funny at all,'s a certified lunatic and is probably going to have a breakdown once she finds out her ex-husband is having a baby with his new girlfriend, and the two kids she has to live with hate each other. On the flip side, ABC plugs it as a sitcom to which we can all relate. Even our holidays aren't that eventful.

sass said...

kate and allie!!!! hhahahaaaa


Bordeeeen said...

This sounds like an episode of days, and that show is very realistic. Oh, and it's doing awesome in the ratings.

Bordeeeen said...

can i get a post for rants and raves? i have a few things i would like to discuss:

1)how barbara harrison is the worst TV "personality" EVER.

can i get an amen from my nova brethren?

2) if you are in a retail store and you ask a employee for an item that is in the back. do not:

a- change your mind after the employee pulls 8 5-piece dish sets and ask for 4 4-piece sets of a completely different item


Jenni said...

Rants and raves, CBo, I'm on it.

Sara said...

AMEN TO BARBARA HARRISON. Who confuses champagne and campaign?