Monday, December 19, 2005

Pet Peeves

Jenni beat me to it again...but it was my idea, I swear.

  1. The term "pet peeve"--WTF? Your favorite (ie "pet") annoyance??
  2. Stuffed animals in the back windows of cars.
  3. Gilbert Gottfried.
  4. When people use utensils to eat obvious "hand foods"--like french fries.
  5. Mash, Mama's Family, Star Trek and The Andy Griffith Show.
  6. Madonna's British accent.
  7. Second generation accents.
  8. Richard Simmons.
  9. Spouses who refer to each other as "Mom" and "Dad."
  10. Animals dressed as people.
  11. Pantyhose with open toed shoes.
  12. Parents who cannot control their children in public.
  13. Those children.
  14. People who don't look where they're going/stop in the middle of the path (ie at the mall) and stay there.
  15. Drunk girls (present company excluded).
  16. Gene Wilder (I don't care if he was Willy Wonka).
  17. When your computer tells you that you have email (ie the envelope pops up and it beeps) AFTER you've already read said email. Work together, people.
  18. When you print things that are not printer friendly...and don't even offer to be so.



Bordeeeen said...

As you can imagine, I have about a million pet peeves. To append this post here are some of mine:

1)2 people out to dinner ordering the same meal.

2)upong entering an elevator, a person tell you what floor they are on so you can push the button for them. Am I your bellman? (pls note- this only applies to non-crowded elevators)

3) driving BELOW the speed limit

im sure i have many, many more. let me ponder....

Bordeeeen said...

oh yeah, and people with strollers in the mall on the day after thanksgiving.

sass said...

alerting people who have nextel

people who ride out the long merge lane to cut in the front

coach bags (okay...okay...but if i see one more person carrying the bag i covet (i don't care if theirs is even fake) i will scream!)

condescending older business type men who talk down to me because i look cute in a suit

people at the end of the phone line that refuse to listen but just recite language they learned either in training or from their employment manual at you, irregardless of whether it is pertinent or not

oh i have tons more

sass said...

robin williams
jim carrey
emma thompson

lala said...

oh this is fun. i knew it would elicit lots of comments. here are some of katie's (my favorites of hers):


sass said...

"lol"s and "imho"s...espeak in general...

animated films

people who when you tell them you loved a movie, it made you laugh, it made you cry and they respond "oh well i'm not going to see that"


neck tattoos

lala said...

oh i LOVE espeak...but not the lame ones...the more "obscure" and i especially like it when it translates into everyday conversation.

Sara said...

Ok I'm going to play opposite day and talk about things I love:

1. Animals that speak
2. Chocolate
3. Getting a fun surprise at the register, such as at Hecht's, when you think an item is $60 but somehow costs only $1.53.
4. The smell of wood burning in the winter
5. "Working from home"
6. "Working at work"

Now instead of being Debbie Downers, how about focusing on the positive people?!

PS: I also hate all that stuff you guys mentioned.

PPS: Ronya, you can turn off the notifier. Why need the notifier when you already see the yellow envelope pop up on your control panel? Duh.

Bordeeeen said...

Clearly Sara missed the point of the pet peeves post.

Bordeeeen said...

ps-- this isn't a pet peeve, but I hate cauliflower ear.

sass said...

i'm not sure i've ever seen cauliflower ear...or even heard of it for that matter.

sass said...

okay. when you "google" cauliflower get pics!
i am now in the "know" and wholeheartedly agree. blech. pet peeve central.