Thursday, December 22, 2005

Quote of the Day

So I'm home today (thus the 23424234 entries) and watching Dr. it's about HORRIBLE HORRIBLE bratty children. Their parents are so annoying..."I can't make my kid behave," "I hate having to discipline my kids," "I don't know why she acts like this."

OMG. I want to kill these parents and their children. It's the parents' fault! Don't cry, Mom! It's too late to do anything. You should have been a parent and not a "friend" from the beginning! Now it's TOO LATE. This is why I love SuperNanny and Nanny 911...because they both make me so annoyed. Like SO ANNOYED.

According to Dr. Phil, there are two things you need to be a good parent. You need to have an absolute love and commitment to your children. And a really good plan. How about your plan is this: You be the boss. The kid listens. The end.

Anyway, Dr. Phil, at the end of the commercial break, was all like, "If you think this is a show about birth control, you're mistaken." Haha. Awesome.


sass said...

you have the best job ever.

at home.


'nuff said. (i stole that line from a pep rally poster hung in my high school gym circa 1994)

Bordeeeen said...

I love Dr Phil

sassamutha-effinfras said...

i cannot comment on christine's blog because i am not a "blogger".



Jenni said...

omg, i hate dr. phil (shocker). i think the first half of the show should be about bratty children and the second should be about birth control. because lbh, screaming children is always an effective form of b.c.