Wednesday, January 04, 2006

These are her confessions.

Our favorite Mean Girl[s] has found her way into the spotlight yet again. As if being hospitalized for an "asthma attack" [while partying hardcore over New Year's in Miami] wasn't enough, today we get this startling (?) "confession"--Lindsay Lohan was bullimic and she dabbled with drugs. Shocker!

As usual, so much to say:
  1. There are typos in the article. Pet Peeve #1.
  2. L.Lo denies using cocaine saying, "'I don't want people to think that I've done ... you know what I mean?" She doesn't want people thinking or knowing? She just confessed to it. No backtracking, Linds.
  3. She confesses to having an eating disorder: "I was making myself sick." Literally? Figuratively? Both?
  4. Lorne Michaels and Tina Fey care enough about her to sit her down and have a pseudo intervention? Did they do that for Ash, too? Did they tell Ash she's too talented to waste away like that? Wait, I forgot...Ash's eating disorder ended when she was 11, after her family's love and concern saved the day.
  5. "I knew I had a problem and I couldn't admit it." Um, if you recognize that you know you have a problem, isn't that admitting it? I think she probably meant "I couldn't accept it."
  6. Why is she only doing movies, these days, about assassins?
  7. Dina Lohan is making comments to Ok! Does that mean it has replaced the bible?


Sara said...

No silly, it just means OK! paid Dina more for the "comment" on the story.

The Bible is the Word of God, you can't replace it. That's what we call BLASPHEMY and God will strike you down.

Zionita Fisher said...



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Jenni said...

this article makes me so mad i can't type a full response b/c i want to take my computer and throw it at lalohan's cocaine-bullemic-whitetrash-fez-loving-no-wait-aaron-carter-loving-no-wait-jordan-catallano-loving-frecklefilled face.

Larissa said...


lala said...

Ha, I have a love/hate relationship. I secretly love Freaky Friday and Mean Girls...but I hate HER. She's annoying. And if I see her giving the peace sign one more time...

Now we just have to wait for Nicole Richie to come forward. Oh, but that might take too much energy.

LindzLo said...

Didn't you enjoy Herbie? What about Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen? Stop bashing me or I'll release another album.