Saturday, February 18, 2006

Famous folk all over the place.

Did anyone know that Queen Latifah's [block]buster Beauty Shop had such an "all-star" cast? And by all-star I mean Kevin Bacon (who thought he'd ever be one degree from the wee littlest Huxtable?), Andie Macdowell (who hasn't had a good role since OMG so weird I was about to say Funny Farm but then I realized it wasn't her so I went to imdb and Andie's in production movie of the moment is called Funny Farm. Whoa. Okay, sorry for the stream of consciousness), Alicia Silverstone (loved her in Miss Match (RIP) but still always confuse her with Taryn Manning), Alfre Woodard (pre Desperation Sunday night tv), Mena Suvari (not Mira Sorvino), Wilmer Valderamma (awww, he's uncredited) and Keshia Knight Pulliam (how our little Rudy has grown).

I love On Demand.

Just add this to the list of movies I've seen (and, gasp, kind of enjoyed--watch and see how she overcame adversity! And incorporated [too] many Maya Angelou references) that no one else will ever see (or at least admit to seeing). At least I didn't see it at the theater, right?

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