Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My work here is done.

So, I was really bored yesterday. I got creative with my computer time and found myself looking at Missed Connections for Richmond, a place where I used to live and still hold dear to my heart. Anyway, let me start by saying that folks in Richmond really need to jump on the craigslist bandwagon. For every one entry in Richmond, there are 221,654,332 for DC.

Ok, the point is that I found a listing that I swore was written to a friend of mine. I was so excited...all of the "right" factors were there. So I emailed it to him. AND LOOK AT THE RESPONSE I RECEIVED (to an email the subject of which was "Is this you?!")

"It is indeed! Everyone has emailed this to me... my friend [insert name here] contacted her... she turned out to be some girl who met me in passing and is working at [big law firm] starting this summer. She was sad that I have a gf."



I-66 said...

woah... so you know someone who was missed-connectioned about?



Sassafras. said...

okay so i totally need to know about this...and what did they do to get missed???

here i come with a denver missed connection...i know i can make it happen

NotCarrie said...

I'm kind of hesitant to check out that on craigslist. I'm afraid I'll get addicted.

lala said...

Oh, notcarrie, don't do it. It is an all consuming addiction. You read ones you think are you, or your friends, or people you might know, or places you have been...thus, you can surely imagine and understand my excitement when, finally, all my reading paid off and I FINALLY found someone who was missed.