Thursday, February 02, 2006

Ode to [my] bad poetry.

Seems like other people are doing this today, so I thought I'd give you one of my own, published (by the Fairhill Elementary Tiger Paw Press, 1985) poems. One of my best from that particular anthology, if I do say so myself:

Light, light, you're so bright.
I smile when I see your light.
Whether it's day or night,
You're still bright.
I love you light!

(This was illustrated, in crayon, by a moon and a sun. Both were smiling.)

Based on the success of this book (you should see how many kids checked it out of the library!), I soon after published my second book, "Short Stories," which included the famous "If I Could Invite Anyone..."

If you're wondering, I would've invited Madonna to come read to my class because she "is the best looking punk in the U.S.A." and "she wears alot [sic] of jewelry, especially gummy bracelets (black and white and different colors)." Really, though, it's because "she [is] the number one singer with me."

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Velvet said...

It was a call from Reya -! :)