Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Oh no!

Say it ain't so!!!

MEDICAL LEAVE: Ellen Pompeo telling TV Guide that one of the intern characters will be leaving Grey's Anatomy, confirming an earlier statement by Katherine Heigl.

Mere and Izzy are big mouths.

Who is it? It's obviously not Mere, because there's no point in watching if there's no palpable Mere/McDreamy chemistry. Sandra Oh won a Golden Globe. It's either George (the loveable dork!), Izzy or Alex. My guess is Alex. No one really likes him. And here's proof--there are lots of pictures of the "Grey's Anatomy cast" that feature the Fantastic Four. Maybe the STD from the dirty nurse will manifest itself and he'll have to take medical leave.

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Larissa said...

i say Alex! you remember him in the Wedding Planner with J. Ho? He was that crazy Italian. too funny!

lala said...

Mossimo! Haha, good call.

Jenni said...

i def say alex. but remember, 90210 did this too and acted like they were going to kill someone off and it ended up being david silver's nerdy cowboy friend who shot himself w/his dad's gun. this could be the same thing and they secretly kill off the bartender or something.