Thursday, March 16, 2006

Basketball Shmasketball.

I entered an NCAA March Madness pool. Stop laughing. Now. Of course, as I have every year since, oh, 1997, I picked Duke to take it all (because, duh, my Duke cap is among my favorites--Big City Friend, I think it might actually be yours). I also picked Oklahoma (great musical!) to play them in the final round. RIP Oklahoma; thanks for losing in the first effing round. (At least this year I didn't mess up my brackets so badly (and embarassingly) that Duke played Duke in the final game. I don't know, don't ask).

I could blame my inability to choose teams on my gender, but that would be unfair to those females out there who actually follow sports (professional or not) and know what the hell they're doing. These gals do not pick teams because someone they know and love went there, because the coach is cute, because it's a school they were accepted to attend or because it's a team from a state that is fun to visit. They pick teams based on statistics and probability and history and knowledge. Oh yeah, and actual interest. My inability comes from the fact that I'm just utterly clueless; and I am so nice that I like to put an extra $10 into the overall cash pool so someone else can revel in and benefit from my ignorance.

So now, I'm taking a new approach. I'm going to see if I can be the biggest loser, rather than the overall winner. If I'm going to go down, I might as well go in a blaze of glory.

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Anonymous said...

You can keep the hat. I picked Oklahoma too for exactly the same reason! I did pick the Montana upset because KD grew up in MT.