Thursday, March 16, 2006

I lied.

I did see a celebrity while I was on vacation. In fact, I know one.

So, my friend from the good old days has just been cast on General Hospital. Yay, Carrie!

Yes, folks, Carrie Southworth joins the cast of General Hospital on March 31. She will play the role of Dr. Gwen Miller, a neurosurgeon by day, party girl by night. Tune in and see all the excitement she's going to stir up in Port Charles (thanks, Brown Sara, for informing me of the name of the town). Get ready to write some fan letters.

OOOOHHHH...what if someone decides to do a show that brings together all the television neurosurgeons...that means Carrie and Dr. McDreamy would be on the same show. Which means, duh, that I could possibly meet him. Don't worry, I'll share pictures.


Uncle Danny said...

You could have consulted me on GH. I will look for her appearance. They could have used her neurogsurgeon skills (am I the only one who finds casting her as a terrible choice) during the epidemic 2 weeks ago. is on my TV daily so shah ap

Jenni said...

doreen has been watching GH as long as i can remember. anything is better than robin scorpio, who contracted AIDS many years after banging her infected boyfriend even though they used *extreme* caution. considering robin weighs about 26 lbs, 100% chance she'd be dunzo by now. goooooooo carrie!!

Jenni said...

oh p.s. i also remember that robin moved to paris to get her m.d. that makes me a teensy bit nervous for the neurology department's cases.

Sassafras. said...

okay she was buffy.

that's beyond cool.