Sunday, March 12, 2006

Star Sightings.

Finally. Today I saw two of the roommates from the House of Creer (and one I wanted to put in, but who got vetoed...thus, he's an honorable mention)! In my immediate line of sight today were, in this order, Matthew McConaughey, Bradley Cooper and Paul Walker...each one more resplendent than the other (Paul was sporting the blue jacket to match those hubba hubba eyes). Thanks to Abu Shekha and Bear for letting this happen...and in Cardiff by the Sea, no less, not even LA.

Ok, ok, so we didn't see them "in person" as much as we hit a double feature of Failure to Launch and Eight Below. Why, you may ask, was I at the movies when I'm in the land of celebrity? Maybe because it's twenty degrees colder here (and pouring rain and hail) than it is at Casa de Lala. What was supposed to be an escape to fun and sun has just been an escape to fun. And lots of it. But man, the weather.

We head back to LA tomorrow, where I will have two more days to make all of my celebrity sighting dreams come true. Let's keep hope alive, people. The Grove on Friday (a weekday, mid-day, even) was not happening. Maybe dinner at a super trendy restaurant will prove story worthy. I'm willing to go D list at this point.


Miss Scarlet said...

Bust on the weather=/

OMG I hope you see people!

Sassafras. said...

when do you come back????

i have had an interesting life lately FINALLY.