Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Another one bites the dust.

Dear Travis,

I was sorry to hear (read, whatever) today that you and Sarah are no longer a couple. Single tear. Oh, Travis. It hasn't even been a week since your relationship (aka true love) was "outed" on national television. You were so "happy." She was so "happy." You were perfect for her, she said! Just amazingly perfect. And, it was fate--you traveled halfway around the world to meet each other, only to realize you lives miles then blocks then feet apart from each other in Nashville! What were the odds?? Obviously, for all of us professional Bachelor watchers, they were pretty damn good..pretty good that your relationship would be dunzo, and soon. But not so soon, Trav. Not. So. Soon. How are you feeling about your choice now? How are you feeling about the whole experience? Do you wonder how Moana's feeling? I do.

I hope you're not taking this breakup too hard and that you're back on the dating bandwagon soon. We love you.


PS I'm sure there are bets out there on how long it is before Moana (and Sarah, lbh) comes knockin' on your Nashville door. Just don't be surprised.

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Sassafras. said...

see if you weren't galavanting about in cali...i would have given you the dirt on this...

i have super insight. nashvegas style.