Monday, March 06, 2006

Temporarily Out of Order.

Sorry to keep you from being entertained, I know it's SO SAD. And you're going into withdrawal.

Hello from [not so sunny] California. I know you are all worried sick about me, as I have not posted in days and days. Fear not, I am alive and well here on the left coast. Lala is on hiatus. And on a computer with dial-up (which, I just realized, has an enter key that is working sporadically). My real computer has a fried hard drive (RIP) so until I get to LA (where you're BOUND to get great stories regarding celebrity sightings, etc...fingers crossed, people, fingers crossed), you'll just have to sit back and relax. But, before I go, let me leave you with a couple of thoughts (dammit, I can't make a formal list on this computer, either!): (1) In-n-Out is the best fast food "restaurant" ever. (2) Just because you're going on vacation, sitting at the gate at the airport and see everyone around you eating does not mean you should eat something, too. You know airport food is overpriced and doesn't even taste good. Except for Cinnabon. (3) If you're in a window seat and realize that the person (I mean witch looking woman) sitting next to you is not very friendly, try to go to the bathroom before take off...because otherwise, you're not going to be able to go. For five and a half hours. And (see (2)) you just had a really big coke. (4) Britney's love for Jamba Juice? Acknowledged and noted. (5) If I'm going to land somewhere other than my final destination before my final destination but I'm not going to deboard, don't tell me my flight is direct. Please. (6) It's great when, right before you leave for the airport, you check the mail and you have four magazines waiting for you (shout out to CB for taking me to the airport, putting my heavy luggage in the car (dude, I had to pack for 2.5 different climates!) and dispensing of my trash once I got out of the car). (7) Hot Dog on a Stick at the mall. No, I didn't have one. But come on, we know I wanted one. Why don't we have corn dog places where I live?? (Local idea?? Ha.)

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Miss Scarlet said...

Yay! Well-times magazine days are the best!