Wednesday, May 03, 2006

All Kinds of Awesome.

From today's E! Online tidbits:

SAY WHAT?! "I can safely say I have no interest in Lindsay Lohan, nor do I understand anyone else's."--Nick Lachey, in a radio interview with the Charlotte, North Carolina-based Ace & TJ Morning Show

THE CARTER BUNCH: E! Networks launching The Carters, a new series following Nick and Aaron Carter as they move back into a home with their three sisters and rebuild their family life together. Sounds like a recipe for sibling rivalry to us, but welcome to the E! family, kids!


Jenni said...

nick is the greatest. just in case i didn't love him enough already...

Miss Scarlet said...

Haha I love Nick! But I also love Jessica and Lindsay and even Cacee!

I love everyone, really. Except Macy Gray.