Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The OC Mommy.

Well, my friends, sadly this is probably going to be the last post about our new favorite show...unless we hear news that must immediately be reported.

Addendum: apparently, there will be a reunion episode next week (I did not know this due to bad timing on Bravo's part and my DVR's severe attention to the 10:00-11:00 listed time slot).

So, here's my take on last night's episode:

  • Why are you sorry, Jo? You’re being a 24 year old. He needs to be sorry. This is such a dad/kid situation.
  • “Gossip in Coto spreads like wildfire.” Wow, Jo. Good one. And, seriously, the only person you told was Kim, so how do you think it spread? And don’t you care?
  • They broke up?!? They broke up?!?! Stupid DVR cut off right after their picture ripped apart!


  • Sophie is seven—does she need a laptop? I see inappropriate MySpace profiles in her future.
  • She tries really hard to be responsible. She just fails.
  • “I feel guilty, but it’s too beautiful to walk away from” so she spends $2000+ on earring and a necklace. Perhaps she should take this line and apply it to her life.
  • “When I met Steve he was abusing drugs.”
  • “They don’t see me as a parent”—um, maybe start acting like one.
  • Josh witnessed Steve buying drugs and LAURI DID NOT BELIEVE HIM.
  • “I’m so na├»ve.” Ding ding ding.
  • Just because it’s legal in Mexico, Lauri, does not make it okay!


  • “Stay away from girls that look like football player groupies.” Excellent advice to give your son right before he goes to school.
  • Um, when is it okay for a child to push their mother? Kara! And no one said anything to her!
  • Where is their dad? And where has he “always been” away?


  • Way to bring up the Slade/Jo story without making it seem like gossip, Kim. We can see through you. “Jo asked if she could bring a date.”
  • Why is Jo pushing the couple’s therapy on these people? Your “concern” can easily be construed as meddling.


  • “If I can afford it, I would do it.”
  • Micromanager
  • Michael gets micromanaged because he needs to be micromanaged.
  • “Try not to drink during the week. Try to drink one night during the week.” Like alcohol and partying are the reason he flunked out and not because he’s spoiled and lazy.
  • “I think I’m going to commit myself to a hospital.”
  • Good for her for telling Lauri “You need to push the ick away.”


  • I’m really sorry your kids don’t need you….but they can’t be independent if you keep doing shit for them and paying for everything they ever wanted.
  • Why does Slade wear a wedding ring? Is he that commited?
  • Jo saying she will change her behavior, Slade, is not the same as you sleeping around while you're engaged. She is doing nothing but acting like a 24 year old and you signed on for this!


Anonymous said...

Apparently Slade and Jo broke up after the party..for two weeks. During those two weeks Slade hooked up with Lauri. Then two weeks later..he got back with Jo. Gee..I bet Jo and Lauri get along well now!

lala said...

Oh, really?! Did all that info come at the end of the episode, or did you learn that through "research"? I HATE that my DVR didn't catch it all...but it's not like it won't replay a million times.

Sara said...

La, you forgot Jeana saying "Honey keep those earrings on, you have a birthday coming up" to the tune of $3500!!!!! Um what?!

PS: Does anyone hate Vicki's son Michael as much as I do? And also, does he own another shirt besides that stupid Independent one he always wears?!

PPS: I can't stand when the parents complain about how lazy etc their kids are--hello, they made them that way by spoiling them. I mean, Shane decided one day to get a new car. And Kara took her Mercedes back b/c the window button didn't work. Hmmm, it's called a warranty--go get it fixed.

Anonymous said...

All the breakup/relationship info was at the very end of the show. And will be on a million times. I think I've seen every episode at least 5 times without trying very hard. Read an article in the newspaper from that area that said the locals there are very unhappy with the people who were chosen to represent them. Can't imagine why....

Anonymous said...

Vicki is uber-annoying and her son is also. I can imagine how hard it would be to be her kids though..she is ALWAYS on them about something. She is NOT a MILF.