Friday, September 08, 2006

The Emancipation of Lala.

To all you haters out there who made fun of my plans with Brown Sara and CB last night I have this to say: you totally missed out on an AWESOME time. Guilty pleasures be damned.

Yes, I went to the Mariah Carey concert. And, yes, I had a marvelous time. I would venture to say that it was one of the most fun concert experiences I've had in a while. Perhaps this is because BS, CB and I knew all the songs. Or perhaps it's because we experienced and/or observed any number of the following:

  1. Making friends with not one but two 50+ year old couples at the bar at Clydes. I swear, if CB could've taken home Steve's girlfriend and made her her new bestie, she would've. Note to [much] older men who are obviously on a first date: do not attempt to feed cute, trendy 20 somethings food off your fork. And, really, do not touch us. Specifically, CB.
  2. If you're in med school and have an anatomy test tomorrow, stay home and study. Do not bring your flashcards to the concert. And, if you do, do not engage the entire row in front of you in helping you learn that the shoulder bone's connected to the arm bone.
  3. Bachelorette parties at concerts = bad. Bachelorette parties at Mariah Carey concerts = worse. Bachelorette parties where the bride is 22 = horrible. (PS, we know your friends are still in college and some might not be old enough to drink. But don't worry, we won't tell on you).
  4. It is beyond awesome when the entire row in front of you is filled with overly exuberant men who know all the words to all the songs and are belting them out...while making all the appropriate dance moves. Putting your hand to your ear and doing the Jessica Simpson singing thing, t00, is awesome. You are our idols. Especially if you know the back up vocals, too.
  5. Um, nice little in memoriam for ODB. RIP.
  6. Costume changes are a great way for you to learn all the hip new jams, as the DJ plays them and everyone around you knows all the words and appropriate dance moves. Except you. But it's okay, because you vow to start listening to the radio instead of your sappy iPod mixes, put together by DJ Slit Your Wrists (ps the wrist bone's connected to the hand...which has A LOT of bones).
  7. Even if your seats are at the very top of the arena, you can still have a kick ass time.


Sara said...

Can we please talk about all the inappropriate for concert (no, inappropriate for ANYWHERE) outfits we saw last night? And I heard no mention of Sean Paul--who definitely has the right temperature freshetta me from the storm!

ashley said...

Sidenote: This is the most photo-shopped picture I have ever seen.