Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Random viewing, random thoughts.

  1. I like The Biggest Loser but I hate how they dedicate their weight losses and start crying while they're on the scale. Is it really that emotional? I also wish they would show more "scenes" where they are eating and what they eat. I think that would kind of be like looking in the refrigerator on Cribs house tours.
  2. What's with all these movie stars making their way to the small screen? Off the top of my head I can think of eight (Erika Christense, Jay Hernandez, Amanda Peet, Tom Skerrit, Sally Field (in two shows!), Balthazaar Getty, Campbell Scott and Alec Baldwin)!
  3. Million Dollar Listing started off entertaining but is now boring. I know all the damn real estate terms. When's Real Housewives of Orange County coming back? That is a Bravo show worth our time.
  4. Friday Night Lights looks least the soundtrack for its commercials is good.
  5. Jim comes back to the Scranton office this week!
  6. Lorelei just needs to decide that she and Christopher are meant to be. Luke sucks. I have never liked him; I realize this puts me in the minority. But, seriously.
  7. My favorite new show is Brothers and Sisters. Who knew Calista Flockhart could play a not-so-annoying character? And I love that the kid from Reunion is on it.

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