Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Are you effing kidding?

Dear Fox,

What are you thinking?? Come on. The O.C. aside, do you really think you have any better shows than this? Just let us get to the end. Please. You already took away Quintuplets. Let's make a deal: until you can find a new show for Haylie/Jenna/whoever she was on North Shore, you must keep showing episodes of this one. Come on, they've already been filmed. If you don't, I will stage a coup and come in and steal the tapes and broadcast them myself. You think I'm kidding.

A [for unexplainable reasons because this show does kind of suck] fan

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Jenni said...

That just ruined my day. I frichin love that show, it's so bad!!! Clearly, it couldn't last longer than a season, however I want to know how it ended. G-D Fox.