Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Oh, Britney...

Apparently, Britney has sued the Bible! Can you believe it? There are allegations from Britney and her camp that the story Us Weekly ran a few months ago re: her "alleged" sex tape was....FALSE! Can you believe she would deny such a story?

Many thoughts:
  1. Britney, I thought you were a savvy businesswoman. This tape (whether it is actual or it's just the hype behind it) could keep you in the press for some time. Now, we know you are going to [try to] make a comeback, but this will buy you some time at home with your "husband" Kevin and little Sean Preston (do you, by the way, call him by both names? Just Sean? SP?). OH, but wait! Maybe this lawsuit is her way of extending her moment of fame even longer! INteresting.
  2. Ew. Explicit? X-rated? I don't even want to think about it. Ew.
  3. Now, you know that working for Us Weekly would be my dream come true. But LBH...if I had written (fabricated, imagined, whatever) this story and Britney sued the magazine over it (essentially calling me a liar!), I would be so freaked out and I would cry. And I'd probably have to go to court, if it went that far. And you know my aversion to/fear of court---it's why I have this job and why I can write blog entries whenever I feel like it. Anyway, back to the point...if this happened, I think I would quit. But not before I got to meet her.
  4. We all know that US Weekly is never wrong. It is, and always will be, a herald for all things to come.


Bordeeeen said...

#1- perhaps she calls him Sean P (like Shawn D on Days)

#2- clearly she is a liar because her stupid Chaotic show was teetering on the brink of porn

#3- enough said

Jenni said...

It's not like fighting this is going to make her seem like less of a whore. OH SNAP, no she di-in't.

Sara said...

And we all know that secretly she actually hearts US Weekly much like we do b/c they keep her skanky ass name in the public eye for a career that should've been DUNZO ages ago.

PS: Good call on the Shawn D, Christine. That rules.

sass said...

she might like star better because they have been raving lately about how svelte she looks now.

i know this because i have a subscription. best ever birthday gift.