Monday, January 23, 2006

Stop it, Dr. McDreamy! Stop!

Stop looking at Meredith like that. Don't look at her like that in the elevator. Or in front of your trailer. Or in the hallway in the hospital. Don't look at her like that in the operating room. Or the cafeteria. Or on the roof. Don't look at her like that at the bar or in her house. Or when you're visiting her mom. Just stop. It makes my heart hurt.
(And, who are you kidding when you say you can be nice without being dreamy? LBH, you can't be anything without being dreamy.)


Larissa said...

ugh, I KNOW. can something happen already? I hate it when shows drag these things on. Like the Ross/Rachel thing, come on!

Jenni said...

dr. mcdreamy is pursuing dr. annoying.

lala said...

this is worse than ross and rachel because i actually have a crush on mcdreamy myself...ross, not so much. but that's why i can't stand it when he looks at her like that! it is painful. how does she put up with it?! something's gotta give soon.