Friday, March 24, 2006

Things I Hate [Today].

  1. When people say "I love (him/her) to death" about people they don't really know or love.
  2. When your so called navigation system says "destination" and you are nowhere near where you're supposed to, I don't think they're holding mass at the Giant near the law school, but thanks, car.
  3. When you order a sandwich and they don't cut it evenly in half.
  4. When you have your hungry little heart set on something only to find out the establishment you have chosen to dine is out of said choice.
  5. When Gwyneth gets to choose her children's names.
  6. When you get the same work related email from seven different people because each one, individually, thinks you care and you'll be interested. And you don't, and you're not. And won't and never will be.
  7. When people schedule 8 pm conference calls for Friday nights. And all of them live on the east coast. And the call will take no less than 2.34 hours. And it's "mandatory."

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